Danish portrait painter Peter Simonsen

- The goal is to portray the person behind the portrait and catch a glimpse of something undefined.

Portrait painter, Peter Simonsen (PS)

Born in 1957. Self-taught artist specializing in the art of portraiture. Living and working in Aarhus, Denmark.

Of course, one must recognize the person I portray ... but I do not aim for photographic realism in the portraits I draw and paint. Rather an expressionist expression in which I seek to portray the person behind the portrait - and catching a mood.

The face. The eyes - the mirror of the soul. Deeply fascinating. To face a person, talk about everything or nothing. Suddenly the "mask" drops, the person begins to relax - and the personality comes to life. And that's exactly at the time that I'm starting to draw or paint. It is now, the face begins to tell the story.

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