Art Gallery PS Aarhus C

Art Gallery PS - art gallery, studio, and art shop. The art gallery is located in Mejlgade 16B in Aarhus - in the heart of The Latin Quarter (Latinerkvarteret). Parking: At the Harbor, Salling department store P-house, Magasin department store P-house, and many more.

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Friday 11am to 5pm (CET)

Saturday 11am to 3pm

Art Gallery PS TM
Mejlgade 16B st

DK-8000 Aarhus C
Tel.: +45 23 34 32 98

Special opening hours:

Please call us if you would like us to open the art gallery on special hours.

Art Gallery PS is a trademark (TM) belonging to Peter Simonsen, portrait painter.