Art Gallery PS in Mejlgade 16B Aarhus

Art gallery and shop located in the heart of the old part of Aarhus - The Latin Quater (Latinerkvarteret). Here you will find Danish art and crafts – ex. unique ceramics, glass art, textile art, antiques and other curiosities.

Art Gallery PS – an oasis in Danish art and crafts

Explore the art gallery, find inspiration to unique gifts created by Danish artists, experience that your senses are roused - while enjoying a cup of coffee, meeting working artists ... all wrapped up in a musical sound experience.

A genuine oasis in Danish contemporary art and crafts. We offer paintings by Peter Simonsen (artist/portrait painter) and other artists, ceramics, glass art, textile art, antiques, and other curiosities. Unique crafts created by Danish artists and designers.

Art Gallery PS is located in Mejlgade 16B - in the old part of Aarhus - The Latin Quater (Latinerkvarteret), with its unique atmosphere where you feel the presence of history when you walk through the gate across the cobblestones, to the yellow rear building with the green half-timbering.

Where to find the art gallery...